Perception: Did I Hear that Right?

ear gabrielle-henderson-1303880-unsplash It happens when we are just not paying attention to what someone is saying to us, that moment when your mind throws out the question: “Did I hear that right?”

In your distracted state of mind your ears tune in to what is slowly penetrating your inner thoughts. You react with what you hope is the appropriate responds.

For inspiring messages, I listen to several spiritual teachers. A while back I heard Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of “Mind Movies” chat about Abraham-Hicks work of “17 Seconds to Manifestation”.

My ears perked up. This method intrigued me so I started a practice of mindful 17 Second of Manifestation.

To get the most out of the original instructions I found Abraham-Hicks work on You Tube and listened attentively.

Later that day, I was texting with a friend who has been studying Abraham’s teachings, Law of Attractions with for years. I said:

I listened to Abraham talking about “17 Seconds to Manifesting” and how in that time you keep forking on ideas that lead to what you want to manifest.

She texted me right back,

Forking? I thought he was saying focusing. I guess my hearing is “maturing”.

I laughed hysterically as I thought I was forking wrong it was my hearing that needed tweaking. I explained to her how forking had made perfect sense to me when I heard it.

Science says that as you learn and understand something new the neurons in our brains form new pathways. I see these pathways as forking off the original idea which lead you to a new you. neurons in your brain

In 17 Seconds to Manifesting:

  • Open your heart and bring up an elevated emotion (Love, Joy, etc)
  • Express Gratitude, it sends a signal that you have already received
  • Repeat a thought, sentence after sentence leading you to what you desire to manifest in your life.
  • As the sentence morphs into a different thought it forks off the original path forming a new thought, a clearer intention.
  • A stronger belief in your abilities.
  • Keep forking off the path of what you thought you wanted until a clear, concise positive affirmation.
  • Focusing on this thought will manifest that which you desire quicker.

A young child uses his/her 5 senses to create its world. Their attention is a fine laser set in the present moment, so absorbed in play that they cannot hear a parent talking to them. When they do hear the parent, they use facial clues to help decipher what was said. This focus in play has nothing to do with hearing (in most cases) it has to do with the power to manifesting their imagination.

dog ear angelos-michalopoulos-742054-unsplash

Young domestic animals often have the same laser focus when exploring their world. Which can often results in not responding to their owner’s voice. A pet’s world is just as fascinating it as a child’s world is for them.

As we grow older, people accuse us of needing to get our ears checked out when we didn’t catch what was said to us. I tend to respond, “Were you speaking to me? My mind was working on creating, please repeat.”

Focusing or forking, both are right, both can lead you to a richer life when you clarify the: what you want when it comes to manifesting your heart centered desires. forking

It’s all in how you perceive your world. In my healing work, I use senses beyond ordinary reality to connect to the world of spirit in order to help facilitate healing for animals and people.

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Perception, It’s All in the Eye of the Beholder

Sap to Sugar, Spring Rain to Winter Blast! In less than 48 hours my world went from the sweet smells and taste of Spring with a rainy day to chilling winds and snow covered landscape. No, I screamed internally.adding-sap

It’s April 1st and felt like the biggest joke has been played on me.

Two days ago, the air smelled of fresh dirt, wood smoke and a tantalizing aroma of sap bubbling. My walk blew warm patches of air across my face as I searched for the first buds of spring.

One day ago, the clouds enveloped my house and the rain began to fall. As the rain poured steadily on the snow covered lawn and meadows showed off their brown gray beginnings of spring vegetation.

Daytime melded into nighttime and with it the last outside venture for the dogs before lights out. My husband yelled out to me “It’s snowing!” He had been telling me it was going to snow and I refused to listen.

This morning the front, back and side yards were once again white. The chills of winter winds swept across the meadow onto the lawn and toward the house to batter it once more.

Realizing it was the first of April I heard the woman that I had spoken to over the weekend who said “I remember when we had snow way into April.” Those feeling of despair, of feeling blue threatened to creep up my spine and into my mind.

At the same time the sun broke through the cloudy morning sky to light my face. I felt warmth spread from my face down my torso. Thoughts of watching sap boil on an open outside fire filled my soul.

Sap is the water like substance that maple trees produce. In spring sugar makers rejoice when days are warm and nights are cold for the trees give of their essence.

Once collected sap is poured into a large pan to boil and boil till it reduces down to a sweet treat we call maple syrup.

The time between sap and syrup is filled with tending the fire so it stays hot, skimming off the white foam that forms on the surface of the sap, adding more sap keep a consistent boil and adding a bit of cream when it looks like it will boil over.

Life can be like patiently watching sap turn into maple syrup, waiting to see what feeling or emotion will arise and bubble over.

Do you tend the flame of anger or despair never skimming off the layer of foam that serves no purpose?

Perhaps you recognize the feeling for what it is and add a bit of cream to find the sweet spot of who you really are.

How Sap into Syrup is a Matter of Perception

  • When rage, fear or anger rise up inside of you ask yourself: Is this really how I want to feel? Just like the weather it can blow warm one day and cold the next so can your emotions. It’s only when we let our emotions rule our mind and body that we cannot perceive a new vision.
  • Sift through the emotion to understand why you reacted the way you did. We don’t have to relive a disturbing emotion over again, you just need to recognized it and release it. Sap is mostly water when it dissipates the syrup is sugar at the bottom of the pot.
  • New perception is achieved when you view the situation with fresh eyes. An uncomfortable layer of steam arises then clears as new understanding leads to joy, bliss and happiness. Maple syrup is graded from light to dark, no color of syrup is better than another it’s all a matter of taste. Sugar Maple color grades

My insights didn’t change the snowy cold April day to a warm welcoming spring day outside. My perception of what was or wasn’t changed and when the warmth of the sun lit my face. That warmth spread to my insides and I found the day to be much more fun and productive.

Healing session can help you shift through your fog to find your sweet spot within. Moonspinners Enterprise

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Celebrate a Life

The President is known as a person of Integrity.

George Washington

The legend of George Washington telling no lies as child, when asked if he chopped down the cherry tree fills us with the vision a smart child. Mr. Washington became known as honest as the day was long. The child turned into a leader of his people through trials and tribulations.

One of many people who helped shape this country.

For everyone of us that succeeds, it’s because there’s somebody there to show you the way out.” Oprah Winfrey

Today, I want to introduce you to another man who as a child saw the wonder of the natural world around him, Ernest Everett Just. Born in 1883 in Charleston, SC. Ernest wandered the countryside exploring rivers, lakes and oceans.

Ernest Everett Just

His life was full of trials and tribulations, typhoid fever, devastating Hurricane and the loss of his parents in his early childhood. Inspired by his mother, a teacher, Mr. Just graduated Darmouth College with a major in Biology along with 2 minors, one in Greek and the other in history.

As a Professor and Scientist his work centered on sea creatures which led him to his insights about egg cells and the origins of life.

Unlike Mr. Washington, Professor Just’s work never gained him recognition in the US. Professor Just did however gain recognition in the World for his discoveries.

Melina Mangal wrote a children’s picture book called “The Vast Wonder of the World, Biologist Ernest Everett Just” A little known legend’s true tale, written to inform and educate the child in all of us.

The Vast Wonder of the World

This week is celebrations of Black History Month featured in children’s picture books.

Everyone needs leaders to show them the way.

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Story Celebration: How Far can You See

Snow vision 02022019

The end of #NationalStorytellingWeek is here. I started off the week celebration at an Storytelling Open Mic Night telling a personal tale of New Beginnings. Today I was inspired to write a tale of Blizzard Woes. Here is a quick tale to delight.

Looking up from my work I realize the afternoon light would soon turn to none. Fat fluffy snowflakes fell as I brushed off the coat of white that enveloped my car from the day’s snowstorm. Windshield vision unencumbered, dogs loaded and ready to navigate I glanced to the sky. A clear knowing fill me, the once bright lightness of snow was now ominous shades of gray, a snowstorm was swiftly approaching.

I shook off the eerie warning of what was to come. A seven mile round trip was an easy jaunt at the front end of a snowstorm. The library and the market were both doable. Off we went.

Wipers kept a steady beat as the vista of pasture land and stands of trees faded from view on the dirt roadway. Homesteads still held their outlines as I passed by. Creating the hill it was a total whiteout, warily I drove the curvy descent to the main route. No slips, no skids hindered me.

At the stop sign, it was clear both ways and snowfall was less hindering. Smother sailing, snow falling steadily at the roundabout, cars headed home in the lowlight of winter.

Four blocks down on the right side of Main Street sits the town library. Only as I made the turn there was no street lined row of houses, shops or the library. Everything was cloaked in white! Headlights only showed half a car length.

I was now in a blinding snow squall. Parked the car, ran into the library, and grabbed my books then left. Looking at my car I could not see 2 little dogs looking back at me as they were obscured by snow.

The trip homeward included the market stop. Along the river traffic was creeping through the blinding storm. The bridge turn had me guessing which lane I was in.

Just as I entered the market the wind kicked up. Coming out a man held the door with two hands as the wind fought for control. Snow once more encased the car. Clear of obstructions I lowered the window to see if it was safe to venture forth. Before the bridge my left signal flashed warningly of the impending stop on the bridge.

The last leg home, winds whipped the car in a whiteout world. Funny how in a white environment white is not all white. Shadows play across the landscape of your vision and your mind. Some take on ominous shapes that predict a possible outcome. Others hold the shape of lantern light like a guide illuminating your path home.

Thanks for reading,  This month as I host Storytelling Open Mic Night the theme will be I See It Everywhere. Here is hoping you  are guided to tell a tale or two.


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Looking Back at Goals in the New Year

samuel-scrimshaw-361576-unsplash croped 012019

photo by Samuel Scrimshaw at Unsplash

I wrote a blog post about taking stock of your goals as late January is the time most people lose heart with their goals and let them drop by the wayside. As with all of my writing, I write it then leave it, move on to another task and then return to the writing with a fresh eye. This is great for edits not so great when new ideas take shape and you end up writing more. On this particular day I realized why I hadn’t set new goals for 2019.

On my desk beside my computer is a list of projects and daily goals that I am working on. Propped up against my bookcase is a white board where my long term goals are posted. Written is red is this motivational quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes:

A Mind that is Stretched by New Experiences can Never go back to its Old Dimensions

On the  bottom of my board I have affirmations as a reminder to who I am and where I am headed. Looking at both the to do list and white board I realized that I didn’t set new goals for 2019. I was adding new ideas and pathways as they took which all lead to achieving the life I envision. What I choose to work on after writing the first blog on keeping your goals going was part of last year’s goal.

So why am I working on finishing up last goals? The shortest answer to that is that life is filled with detours. My writing life is a perfect example, I have written as a freelance writer, a variety of children’s stories, short stories in different genres and stories for storytelling for the majority of my life.

When I made the decision to publish my children’s picture book “Who Paints the World” I had to consider the whats, the whys and the hows of the publishing world for this was a new skill. Some of the questions I asked were:

What happens to my story once an editor accepts it?

Will they pick the illustrator or will I have a say in who illustrates?

How much of the marketing will a publishing house do and what is my responsibility?

I made the decided that I would team up with an artist of my choosing to illustrate my picture book. In the end the best choice of artist was my own daughter Rebecca Nase Chomyn. Her love of the story, her artistry and watercolors talents made the book come alive.

It was about that same time that the self-publishing world was gaining momentum with venues that would allow me to offer my book to bookstores, libraries and gift shops.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Then last May I self-published my children’s picture book “Who Paints the World” on the same day my husband had shoulder surgery and my mother who was living with us got notice that her senior living apartment was ready for her and moved. Life happened all at once and my new venture was launched.

Admittedly the easiest part of my children’s picture book was the writing of it. The publishing, marketing and PR have been an uphill climb as I learn new skills frequently with downhill slides as I figure it all out.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned as it pertains to publishing a book, either with a traditional publisher or self-publishing, is that if you are a new publishing you aren’t going to make many sales unless you are the one doing the work.

My mindset is much is more in line with a relay racer who is running a marathon. I set a short goals, reach them and then go for the next goal, all the while keeping the ultimate goals in mind and developing new ideas which lead to new goals. Here is my view:

Overarching Goals:

  • Pre-publishing- learn the lingo, set up of title, hardcopy/paperback/ebook, upload illustrations, proofread then proofread again in first print
  • Publish- visit all the bookstore, send out PR and explore different marketplaces
  • Market- define target readers, name markets that readers use, and on a shoestring budget proceed
  • Press Releases- social media sites, newspapers and TV
  • Websites & Emails- a website to highlight my freelance writing, my published book(s), storytelling and as a speaker. Setting up an email with a subscriber list is latest learning endeavor


The upshot is look at your 2019 Goals and ask yourself a few questions:

Are they the same or different than last year’s goal?

Are they BIG goals with small step to help achieve them?

By the end of the year will you be satisfied with what you achieved?


Now if that is not enough think about there is the factor of being known locally for the work you do and offering opportunities for people to connect to you and your work but that’s another blog.

To purchase Who Paints the World you can go to your local bookstore to order it or go online.

To learn more about my writing work go to  If while you’re searching my name and Moonspinners Enterprise come up that’s my healing work, visit at

Thanks for reading.

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Does Time Make a Difference?


I kept waking up to check the clock. Is it time yet?


15 minutes is set, timer is clicking and I am typing.


Yesterday, I was on the phone with my good friend Patti. We chatted about what changes we are making in our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental lives. She was saying how she spent the day listening to testimonies of people who have done workshops with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Patti loves science and spiritual practice nevertheless she is a self-proclaimed skeptic.

I need analytical proof before I believe something to be true.”

Patti’s open mind is set to disbelieve at any moment. She investigates and researches all topic she is interested in. She takes what she knows at a gut level to be true to form her own beliefs.  If an expert had been touting a theory she wants to know if others have replicated it and maintained the belief beyond a weekend workshop.

She told me that she wanted to not only know more about Dr. Joe’s background and experiences but that she was interested in listening to testimonials from others who had healing experiences.

What held her attention for a good part of the day were the testimonials she listened to online from people who had taken his workshops.  What she saw unfolding in front of her were real people with real illnesses talking about meditating in the style set up by Dr. Joe. Day after day they practice the techniques and change happened. A shift in their absolute belief that they were healthy took them from illness to wholeness. That absolute vison of seeing, feeling and believing themselves to be healthy changed their brains and bodies to reflect that reality.

Patti said that no two stories were alike. The power to heal is inside us all.

Dr. Dispenza is a well know chiropractor, researcher and speaker who has studied the mind body connection for at least 30 years. He was featured in a well-known film called “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  The film was intended to open the mind to new possibilities. The synopsis says:

a viewpoint of the physical universe and human life within it, with connections to neuroscience and quantum physics. … That the universe is best seen as constructed from thoughts and ideas rather than from matter.

A look at life through a different lens was revealed and since that time Dr. Joe has used scientific evidence and millions of brain scans to make his case. He says that no matter if your male or female, no matter the color of your skin or your religious background, you can break the habit of being yourself and move into creating your world.

Patti kept repeating that in most of the testimonials people said that they meditated at 4:30 AM every morning. This thought played in my brain:

What would my meditation hence, my life, be like if I meditated at 4:30 AM?

As a writer, I have heard for years how many famous writers got up before dawn to write. I have friends who belong to the 5 AM writing club, #5amwriting, morning tweets ring out that they are writing. Many have fulltime jobs to attend to during the daylight hours so 5 AM is a great undisturbed time to be immersed in story.

I cannot say that I have had a desire to get up at 5 AM to write. Looking at why I realized that I believed that my body needed 8 hours of sleep. I am not a night owl, when my energy runs low that’s it I am done. I am a morning riser, suns up I am up. So I can change my belief system but for now I want to concentrate on meditation.

Why would people get up day after day to meditate at 4:30 AM?

 From my studies it’s all about the brain waves. In the waking hours of our day the brain is full of activity. When we sleep the brain waves slow down. It is that state of slower brain waves that we strive for in meditation. If you don’t need to lower your brain waves at the beginning of a meditation, because you have been in sleep mode, how will it affect meditation?

Are you with me so far?

I don’t know until I meditate several nights at 4:30 AM. Last night, I set my alarm to start testing 4:30 AM meditation.

Right away the doubts and questions rushed through my brain like a freight train.

  • What if my body is too tired to meditate and I fall back asleep?
  • What difference will it make in my meditative practice?
  • Will I see effects in my waking life?
  • Will I be wake up my husband, dogs and cat, losing my edge on meditation?


I acknowledged each of these questions and let them go.

Meditation opens the door between the conscious and subconscious minds. We meditate to enter the operating system of the subconscious, where all of those unwanted habits and behaviors reside, and change them to more productive modes to support us in our lives.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Here is what I know to be true:

  • Setting my intention changes the outcome.
  • If you change old patterns and beliefs with new uplifting patterns you change who you are.
  • I envision my day/future as if it is already true.
  • I expect everyday miracles to fill me with joy.
  • And when I sit down to meditate; I get up a different me.


My 15 min blog is done. word count 861.

Life is about the Stories we Tell” Tell me your story.

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Impossible or Possible? 100 Day Blog in 15


photo by


Impossible? Don’t you see? Even fates written in the Book of Fortune can be changed. How can anything be impossible?”

“Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”

by Grace Lin

Hopes, desires and dream are your future when you choose to look at the smaller picture before manifesting the larger image.

As a child, I remember looking into the small hole of a kaleidoscope. My eye quickly adjusted to see a wondrous pattern of light, color and design. If I turned it slightly the pattern shifted into a different design. If I moved the end of the kaleidoscope quickly my vision blurred a bit before focusing on a new image.

When working with clients on the phone, either during an animal communication or a personal healing session, I ask them to envision their concerns as if they are looking down the tube of a kaleidoscope.

We can be stuck on the perception of life by the picture we project. Now add or subtract from the image. The picture’s view appears differently, just as a kaleidoscopes picture does. If you don’t like what you see soften your focus until your vision perceive an image it resonates with. Now change the vibration of your energy field till it matches the vibration of that ideal image.

In raising our vibrational energies to higher vibrations we are no longer stuck in a situation that no longer serves our greater good. A new sustained vibration that is in harmony with the universe can change fate.

You can take what was written in the Book of Fortune and rewrite it.

Empower yourself seeing the smaller picture, for even a kaleidoscope is only reflecting a piece of the bigger picture.

A dream is created in no space and time then brought into your space, time and environment. The reality of a dream starts with embracing the ideal of that dream. Thought forms turn to words. Words turn to actions. Actions become reality. Reality forms a new image that we see, feel and believe.

Dr. Martin Luther King is well remembered for his words, deeds and actions. His dream was in many steps, with many people believing in the same dream, taking the same actions. Today we remember the words that rang out loud and clear:

“I Have A Dream……”


Was fortune change? There by changing fate with just one thought, one message sent out into the world?

Did many change their fate and fortune by first taking steps forward? Do people still change?

I believe the answers to be true on all accounts.

In this world everything is possible.

My morning meditation is a practice that I love! It is the place of possibilities. It is my connection to the universe in greater way than I could ever image.

Every time I sit in sacred space; time and environment disappear. I am filled with love, joy, compassion and purpose. I am awed at how empowering this connection is. I am grateful and blessed to be.

Prayer has a vibration that rises above and merges with other likeminded prayer vibrations to form new pathways in this world. I first pray to change myself, which will change my fate and create new fortunes. That small sliver of my being is sent out to everyone who is looking to reflect a similar change within them.

I write and rewrite my fate and fortune sometimes by writing my story. Sometimes by writing stories told by others. Still just by listening to a story can change me.

Impossible or possible, the choice has always been yours. Take 15 minutes to stand tall, project your ideal self into your day and then step into your future by whatever thoughts, words or actions you deed to be in your best interest.

My 15 minutes of blogging is up. My parting words, 637 word count,

“Life is About the Stories We Tell” a new tag line for my revised radio show coming this Sept. as

Books, Yarns & Tales Podcast

Tell me your 15 min tale.

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A 100 Days of ….. Hmmmm


Today is the 1st of 100 days.

What would you like to accomplish in 100 days?

My tai chi teacher, Rich Marantz ,used to encourage us to do a 100 day practice. He would say pick a time every day to do a simple movement over and over again for a 100 days. If you do, you will be increasing your proficiency in tai chi.

Rich is a great believer in the power of a 100 day challenge to change your life for the better. He knew first-hand what it meant. Years ago, Rich had hurt his back, nothing seemed to help the pain or increase the movement of his body. That was until he began studying and practicing tai chi.

Little by little Rich felt and saw the improvement in his body, his mind and his spirit. He believed so much in what he had accomplished that he became a teacher of tai chi.

This past year, Rich suffered an accident that again stopped him in his tracks. It never dampened his belief in his body’s ability to heal itself. His practice firmly in place he once more rebuilt his life through tai chi training one day at a time engaging his body, mind and spirit.

A few years back, Rich had added the title of nurse to his list of healing tools. The accident he suffered has given Rich a new insight to his patients, greater understanding and empathy, a space for compassion and patience.

The question I started with still begs to be answered. You have 100 days to practice a skill or to change a habit. What will that be? What will you do over and over again to enrich your life?

I remember hearing that if you do something 21 days you can change a habit. That may be true but will the habit that you changed stay? Or will you fall back into old patterns and beliefs of being?

My body cleanse in May was for the whole month of May, 31 days. Did what I learned in that cleanse stick? Or did I go back to my old ways?

It is too easy to think “Oh, what will it hurt if I just indulge this once!” Once it fine, twice, three days in a row can be devastating to the new self you are practicing to be.

Mindfulness of an old pattern or belief system can help you stop the impulse. Once your attention is drawn to it is no longer an unconscious act.   Recognize the thought or action for what it is and then say out loud “Change that”.

“You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.”

Dr. Phil’ McGraw

What am I doing for the next 100 days? I am writing a 15 minute blog. I set the timer and just started writing, no stopping to edit, correct spelling or take a sip of tea.

I look forward to see what comes out of my 100 day practice. Today 512 words were written. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have a 100 day practice in your life.

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Month Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 4

Month Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 4

Turning the Corner to Deeper Understanding



When we stay present in the moment, all potentials exist, we can move beyond space and time to make any one of those potentials a reality.

From Dr. Joe Dispenza


In childhood, we are like a sponge absorbing everything around us, trying to make sense of our world and creating lifelong patterns. As we age, we go through the “I am invincible!” years and ease into a more settle way of being, slowing down and taking stock.

Often what we don’t understand is that at any time in our lives we can change our way of thinking and being in this world. We can create a new me.

I love learning something new, changing my way of thinking and absorbing what works for me and letting go of what doesn’t. That is why in the cleanse there came a time when it dawned on me that I was learning a lot more about my body and its reactions than I first perceived.

Since this blog post is about gaining a deeper understanding, I going to tell you about another cleanse and how it changed my way of thinking and my body.

I used to bike, 20, 30, 40 miles at a time then I started to lose energy and felt sick. At 15 miles a headache would begin, I felt so drained of energy that I would stop to eat or drink more. I found myself more often than not turning around and heading home. Once home, it would feel like I was having a heat stroke. My joyful, solitary exercise time was turning into a hassle and I had no idea why.

Looking for answers came quickly when on my radio show “Books, Yarns and Tales” My guest, a woman who had been chronical ill told her story of how the doctors were not able to diagnose what the cause of her chronic illnesses was. Time and time again they only treated the symptoms and never looked at the underlining cause.

With her journalistic background, she took action. She made a list of all her symptoms. She then researched the symptoms and how each symptom affected the organs. She found a pattern, after eating certain foods she would get very sick, some foods making her so sick she ended up in the hospital.

After a bit more research she decided to detox her body by cleansing and then testing each food she put back into her body. For her, a cleanse showed that she was gluten intolerant and when she brought this up to her health care provider the diagnose led to celiac disease.

Arm with knowledge she listed the foods she could eat and then set to making delicious meals for herself and others with food allergies.

Today, she coaches clients in the hows and whys of detoxing their bodies and slowly reintroducing foods. At the time we chatted, she was getting ready to open a café, serving food to people looking for a health alternative.

What struck a chord with me was that this was an avenue of health and well-being that I wanted to explore, so I signed up for her program.

As I started the cleanse I had an immediate reaction to her recipe for a daily smoothie. I crashed big time, I felt nauseous and my head hurt so bad that I needed to lay down till it passed.

I called her up and she explained that the protein she had given me had gluten in it. She exchanged that protein for a gluten free protein. No violent reaction, perhaps I was on to something.

blog pic 07032018

What I was onto was that I was gluten intolerant. I eliminated the following foods from my diet.

Anything with:

Wheat, Barley, Bulgur, Rye, and Oats

My elimination list included any boxed or bottled foods that listed any of the above on the label.

That was seven years ago and I have been gluten free since.

Back to the present cleanse. Fall and winter colds play havoc on our bodies, never ending runny noses, persistent coughs and ear infections. When I have cold I increase my vitamin C and add zinc to my daily vitamins knowing that in 2 weeks or less it will be over.

In the fall, I had a cold as the symptoms abated I ended up with the most excruciating ear infection. This infection had my ear canal closed up so tight my Naturopathic Physician could not see the ear drum. Much to my displeasure, I had to take antibiotics.  Not one round but two as the ear infection and pain returned shortly after the first round of antibiotics ended.

A visit to the Otolaryngologist gave me an understanding of what was happening in my ear. However it didn’t answer the question of what the underlying cause of the ear infections were. Nor did it address the continuous runny nose, a leftover symptom from the original cold four months earlier. I blew my nose so often that I thought I should buy stock in the tissue companies.

During the month long cleanse Bryn cautioned people; things in your body could get worse before they get better. Your cravings for certain food will try and hijack the cleanse, think about your patterns of eating before putting a food not on the cleanse list into your system.

Ask yourself this question:

Are you really hungry or are you thirsty?

Don’t automatically eat; think about what is happening in your body and your environment.

Two weeks into the cleanse, I had a cold. The cold lasted 4 days and when it ended so had my runny nose. The cleanse classes supported the fact that what I was doing was working, my body was detoxing. This led me to suspect that another food was the underlying problem to the ear infections.

No, one wants to hear that they have to give up something in their lives in order to be health. As I reintroduced coffee in my morning routine, I had it with a friend who is lactose intolerant and the way she fixed it I had no problems.

Next morning, my morning coffee went down smoothly till I started talking and could feel a drip down the back of my throat with my nose getting stuffy. Testing the coffee, I drank it black, no problem. Then I added cream with an instantaneous stuffy nose and drip down the back of my throat.

The benefits to a cleanse is that you become more in tune with your body’s needs, your minds perceptions and your hearts desires. IMG_8656

I had reached my weight lose goal for the month of the cleanse, I released old ingrained belief patterns and set new goals for the ensuing months.

A Healthier me is a work in progress. With health natural foods that are supplemented by vitamins and digestive enzymes.

Will I do another cleanse with Bryn in the fall? Yes, I can always learn more.

Side note: The photos of the vitamins, digestive enzymes and protien powder are on my online store, if you contact me by email I will be happy to chat about these and other product lines I sell.

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Month-Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 3

Partnerships that Support your Health, Well-Being and Education

blackeyed susan closed

Potential new openings and awareness

Self Discovery: Losing weight and regain overall heath wasn’t working the way I envisioned it and it wasn’t going to happen with just exercise.

In my work as a healer, both with humans and animals, I hold a scared healing space. In this space, the energetic fields of mind, body and spirit connect in harmony and balance. I am aware of my words, thoughts and feeling in any given moment during a healing session as those can be the keys to old patterns and beliefs. Bringing awareness energetically to my clients can initiate their own desire to heal and form new patterns of belief within themselves.

Talking openly and honestly to your health care provider can guide you to a working plan for bring the body back into alignment. At a gut level, I knew that my internal organs and body needed more than I was giving them.

It’s too easy to blame someone or something else in life for our problems. I could have just said I have a sluggish metabolism and resign myself to carrying extra weight. I could have gone into the fear of not having enough to eat, which in the past has been a trigger when changing my diet.

What I could not ignore was the looming health concerns that being overweight can bring. Concerns such as:

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


Heart Disease and Stroke

Muscle and Joint Pain


The time had come for me to take my head out of the sand and take ownership of my body and work to create a healthier me in the form of a slimmer, trimmer, active body.

I consider my body as a scared space where miraculous things happened all the time so why wouldn’t I want to honor it with a Spring cleaning? Even the body could use a vacation. It would be my healing spa vacation to nourished and detoxified for optimal health.


Our bodies are amazing machines that have the power to heal themselves with the right support.


Moving to the area where I live now, I wanted to find a primary care medical professional that would work with me and my beliefs.

Allopathic physicians are trained to look at the disease and treat accordingly. Naturopathic physicians take a different approach of looking at the whole body and mind connection.

When I read this statement of Mountain View Natural Medicine website about their service to their patients, I knew this was the right choice for me.

“Mountain View began operating as an advanced primary care practice, known as a “patient centered medical home.” This means that our primary care patients continue to enjoy the personalized whole-person care that we’ve always provided, but with added focus on partnering with you to prevent and treat health issues.”


Another deciding factor for me was this sentence on the website:

The naturopathic practice at Mountain View provides most primary care services as well as referrals to specialists in both conventional and alternative medicine.”

As far as I am concern, health care doesn’t get any better than having partnership with your provider, charting a course in my pursuit of a healthier me in the form of a slimmer, trimmer, active body.

Sitting with my Naturopath, gave me the opening to ask her if she could recommend a good Spring Cleanse. Her face lit up as she said “Yes, Bryn Perkins PA, CBS health consultant who not only works here in the building but is starting a month long cleanse beginning in May.”

Bryn has a smile that lights up her whole face and she is genuinely happy to meet you as well as help you make choices for a healthier you. To check out Bryn and her work go to her website Eating for a Healthier You, I highly recommend it.

black eyed susan open with bee

Synchronicity at its best, I asked and the Universe offered an open door. In my world, when the Universe lines up the opportunity you pay attention, I signed up. I had one week to prepare.

That meant going off these foods:

Coffee – the hard one, I did not look forward to caffeine withdrawal

Dairy – milk, ice cream- ok but my favorite protein cheese

Wheat – no brainer, I have been gluten free for several years

Sugar – a little square of dark chocolate at night was satisfying, sigh, bye, bye dark chocolate

This month long cleanse was one of the most supportive, well planned and easy to implement that I have ever done. There is so much to learn and absorb that people return time and again to learn more from both the Spring cleanse and the Fall cleanse.

Bryn’s approach is to meet you wherever you are at on your quest to a healthier you. A weekly class allows you to meet others who are cleansing, to ask questions and experience different aspects from trying new recipes to alternative heal options.

Bryn’s website offers the following to aid you:

Online journal for keeping track of changes and questions

Videos that expand as well as supplement your learning

Food tips and recipes

Resources for delving deeper into eating and how food works

And more


Admittedly, I was kind of cocky when I started the cleanse. I had done a cleanse before, what more could I learn from this one that I didn’t already know?

How wrong I was, by the second week I realized that there was more to my goal of “jumpstarting weight loss”. A lightbulb moment had happened in class.

Tomorrow’s blog post


Month Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 4

Turning the Corner to Deeper Understanding

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