An Exercise in Dream Building


Heart Dreams Wishes Come True,

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

song in Walt Disney movie


Whether you are perusing a personal goal or a business idea, you need to start somewhere. That first spark of vision or thought is a dream in the making. Some dreams may play around in your mind and then fizzle out.

Other dreams send out sparks that fly through your mind mapping connections, growing in size till the dream takes on a life of its own. Passion for the dream takes root in your mind.

Have the courage to dream

Open up your mind to all the possibilities that life has to offer you. If you have no idea what that is or where to start here, read on.

Exercise for Dream Building

  • Set aside a quiet time with no interruptions for 10 minutes.
  • Grab a pen and a blank sheet of paper.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes then write a list of dreams.
  • Write whatever comes into your mind.
  • Do not edit, do not stop till you are empty of dreams.
  • Circle only the dreams that fill you with joy or passion.
  • Narrow down the list to 1-2 dreams, then save the list for future reference.
  • Write out your dream(s) on bright piece of paper, add color and sparkle to the words making it come alive.
  • Tack your dream list to the wall, in a place that you look at every day.
  • Putting eyes on your dream will have it percolating in your mind.

All plans of action can have many possible avenues. The steps to manifest your dream need to be stated so that you can give your dream wings to take flight.

Manifesting your dreams is shifting into all the possibilities you can imagine.


Walt Disney, more than anyone else has been teaching generations of children to dream since 1926 when Walt Disney Studio was formed. His passion for telling a story through drawing was years in the making. His vison for the future was realized step by step. According to the website,

“His worldwide popularity was based upon the ideals which his name represents: imagination, optimism, creation, and self-made success in the American tradition.”


For me, my business, Moonspinners Enterprise LLC is part of my dreams manifesting. I made a burlap wall hanging for my dream board so that as my dreams manifest I can move them around and add to the dream.

Believing in your dreams is building believe in yourself.


By Lesley Nase

Moonspinners Enterprise LLC

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Name It! 3 Tips for Naming Your Business

2016.10.23- MS Business Card- Mock Up- 002- Front

Does what you name your blog and online store really matter if you are a small business? Yes, a name is how you brand yourself and your products. Big or small people find you by your name.

Recently a friend posted on Facebook that she was shutting down her blog and her online store. The news saddened me that this artistic talent would let go of her dream. “I only wanted to share my creative ideas and sell items I have made. What I have received are lewd comments and inappropriate suggestions.”

The reaction she received from the public was due to the name of her store and blog. What she considered cute and cuddly gave off a whole different meaning to group that she was not looking to attract.

When picking a name for your business, make sure that the name doesn’t have two meanings. Common symbols have been adopted over the years to represent a variety of causes and companies.

In 1885, Coke-Cola was named for its two “medicinal” ingredients: extract of coca leaves and kola nuts. When the name became public speculations on cocaine being in the soft drink were quickly put to rest. Today, it is the most recognizable brand in the world. In a fast paced social media marketplace this could have been a disaster.

What may seem like a cute name to you may have connotations that you do not want to have attached to your business. The other factor to consider is length.

If you plan on using initials what do those initials spell?  Rethink or reorganize if your brands initials mimic another business.

Before naming your online store or blog do a bit of brainstorming and research. Here are 3 Tips for Naming Your Business.

  • What do you want your name to express to the public? Writing one sentence describing your business. This sentence is your mission statement.
  • Write out the name of your business. Now brainstorm all words in your to discover the other implies meanings.
  • Consider using your name, it is the best brand and advertisement of your business. Partner your name with a descriptive word for branding your business.


Test your name with others who are in business. Your friends are not a good test group unless one has a business background. Local mentors may be hard to find that can relate to your type of business. Research online is an invaluable tool, others are doing what you are doing so look at their blogs and websites. Make a list of what you like then use it to enrich your work.

Remember, there is an audience looking for your talent and abilities, no does that you do in the same way. Big or small your business is what you put into it. Get started on the right foot and you will avoid pitfalls that will stop you in your tracks.


When I first named my small business, Moonspinners Tearoom Shamanic Healing, I picked a name that I thought gave meaning to what I did and who I was. Only I never considered that others would have no clue.

Tearoom gave off the impression that I had an actual room where I sold tea. My tearoom was an virtual online service. The work I do, as an animal communicator, shamanic healing and psychic medium related to the mystic side of life. Reading tea leaves is an ancient practice

The other word people had trouble with was Shamanic. I found that many didn’t know that Shamans are healers. Pairing the word with Shamanic healing in my business was a way of saying the healing techniques I use are based on the work of Shamans.

Reinvention and growth led me to reconsider my businesses name choice. As I storyteller/writer, I love the tale of the moon being spun up into the sky every month. It speaks to how we all can begin again to restart, revitalize and relive our lives.  My mission statement became a board statement:


Under the moonlight, helping others spin their own tales.


What I do is not one element of my life, by weaving it all together under one name I could bring all aspects of my work together in one name.

Moonspinners Enterprise


My name is easier to remember and still reflect aspects of my original vision for all of my talents and abilities. And the initials put the focus on ME.


Lesley P Nase

Moonspinners Enterprise LLC

Business 888-785-4888

Animal Communicator, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Medium, Writer, Storyteller, Independent Business Owner

Moonspinners Enterprise Blog

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Feeling burned on


For those days that start out being crusty burned on messes. Soak in soapy water, lift of all the layers and start fresh. Life will be brighter.

We all have those days or weeks where it seems like nothing goes right, frustrations build one on top of another. Those are the times to step back, breath and take stock of what is happening in your life. Here are a few suggestions on how to clean the slate and start anew.

  • Take a walk. Filling our eyes with the outside world can help reset your mind.
  • Sit in a park or garden. The energy of flowers and trees help to calm your senses.
  • Breath! See how slowly you can breath in and breath out. See yourself releasing what was and what will be.

Once you have let go of the sticky, stuck on burned pot image, you can allow the process of heating up your life goals and start again. Find out what is really important to you. Make a list and weed it down to one aspect. Take time to meditate on that one aspect of life that you want to change or expand on. See it so clearly in you minds eye that you can touch it, taste it and smell it.

New starts can happen everyday if you choose to explore different ways of being in this world.


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#IBelive, What about you?

#IBelieve, December is all about believing in magic. It is a wondrous time to explore what ones believes in. Holidays seasons give us hope. We all want to believe in a different world than the one we live in. To build belief in talents and abilities we start with hope, we hope we are good enough. Our thoughts are the wheels that start the motion, our faith forms from the inside and it is our actions that manifest our dreams the foundation of believe.

My writing started on a different path today, it morphed into a series of writing about what #IBelieve.  Here is the start of my list of things #IBelieve.

#IBelieve in things that I cannot see with my ordinary eyes nor touch with my human fingers, smells that fill the air when there is no source for the scent. #IBelieve in the Great Spirit that lives in all things. #I Believe in angels that live upon this Earth and those who don’t, the spirit of Santa lives, the magic of giving, dragons and unicorns, tooth fairies, woodland fairies, flower fairies and more. #I Believe that the sun will shine, the snow will fall and life changes. #IBelieve in beginnings and endings, food warms the soul and laughter curse what ails you. #I believe that energy is not destroyed it just changes into another form, so everything that ever was still is. #I believe in dinosaurs, talking to the dead, healing energy and love, just to name a few.

What do you believe in? Post #IBelieve….. Tomorrow, #I believe in #life changes

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Listen to Natures Heartbeats

“Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter.” –John Muir in a letter to his wife Louie in July 1888

John Muir sitting

Camping on the Battenkill is not the wilderness that John Muir was talking about. The campground does however hold a place in nature that is close to many major cities and fills a need for people wanting to get away to connect with nature.

Muir’s greatest contributions to preserving wilderness areas was his achievement in promoting the idea that wilderness had spiritual as well as economic value. His writings appeared in four of the major magazines of his time. The power of his words, along with other movers and shakers of the national park system, helped readers to understand the importance of preserving wilderness for future generations.

Private campgrounds are as varied as national parks are, from the layout of sites to the amenities offered. All have a place for campers to expand and explore their comfort zone in the outdoors. Camping on the Battenkill offers large sites that can have you nestled among the tree to framing the perimeter of the open meadow.

Camping is a community of people who travel with a goal to create a temporary home in a natural setting. Many of our campers tell us of lifelong friends they have met, the shared outdoor living experiences and explorations of the area.

Camping on the Battenkill is not some vast tract of unspoiled land held in the hands of the government. It is a place to camp along the Battenkill River, to hike in the Green Mountains and to be silent letting the dust settles as the sights and sounds of nature reconnect the spirit to the land.

Where do you go to be silent and listen to the heartbeat of nature? Six months out of the year I have sat quietly along the Battenkill and Roaring Branch Rivers. During the camping season, I pause as I walk through the campground listen to people enjoying and taking in their surroundings. To own this camping dream visit

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Camping on the Battenkill Life Changes


To all the camper who have camped at Camping on the Battenkill,

Each year, my father, Larry, would send out seasonal letter to campers renewing their seasonal site. He would chat about changes in the campground and in the seasonal sector. The last line of the letter was always the same: “If you have found that your life has changed please let us know.” This letter/video is about life changes.

In the late 50s, with an expanding family, Mary and Larry Pratt searched for a new home to accommodate what would soon be a family of five children. On the north end of Arlington, Vermont, they found a big old 3 story house, built in 1809, with a barn and 40 acres. They also discovered a whole lot more. By combining their knowledge of land use, their knack of Vermont hospitality and their love for a travel adventure, they founded Camping on the Battenkill.

The inspiration came when a local game warden who my father knew through his work as a soil conservationist told him, “Come the opening day of fishing, you are going see cars with trailers driving over the meadow, into the woods to camp in the lower meadow along the Battenkill River.”

That first entrepreneurial spark blazed into a business idea that filled a need for camping travelers. Designing the campground came straight from my father’s background as a soil conservationist: He understood the layout of the land and flow of the two rivers that form the boundaries. He often remarked, “You can live with Mother Nature but you can’t change her.” He and my mother also understood what it meant to spend time with family. Out of their values came “a quiet family campground,” quiet in the sense that no one was going to entertain you. Family time was and is the entertainment, fishing, swimming, tubing, play ball and sitting around the campfire is a treasure trove of family memories with stories that were and are still told year after year.

Over the next several years, bit by bit they carved out the campground around the grassy meadow and through the bramble-filled woods. On that first road, cars plodded along a worn tractor trail, rutted with overhanging tree limbs and vines that scratched up the sides of cars. The destination in the other direction took you to the river’s edge but first down a footpath to battle thorny bushes before emerging on a natural sandy beach with a swimming hole known as PB beach to locals.

Looking at the campground map, you can follow the progression of campground’s growth by following the numbers. Start at 0 and double 00 then end at 40. The first 7 have hook-up, with a tent area nestled in where the two rivers meet. The need for water and electric was the first concern for early campers. As trailers grew in size, so did the need for larger full service site. Many folks wanted to stay the whole camping season, out of that request came the seasonal sites in what are known as the B area and C section. All changes big or small make up what you see today at Camping on the Battenkill.

The campground filled several dreams for Mary and Larry Pratt: Having a business from home off the land they lived on, sending their five children to college, traveling to different parts of the country as well as foreign countries, providing an income after retiring, and passing on their business to another generation. Four generations of the Pratt family have enjoyed living and camping on this land, and we have been blessed after 50 plus years, to have Mary still around to enjoy her family and to engage with campers as she has from the beginning.

As I said, life changes, and it is bittersweet to announce that Camping on the Battenkill is up for sale. We understand for many of you reading this, the news is hard to hear. You have spent so much of not only your camping life with us, but also your families’ lives with us, making memories that have endured for years.

No one can predict what the future will hold for Camping on the Battenkill. We are looking for buyers who want to keep the land we have held so dear as a campground. Whatever the future may hold, please know that we are forever grateful for your patronage over the years, for you have all truly made our lives a bit brighter just by camping here. We have been truly blessed.

Thank-you from the Pratt Family

if interested go to

campground website



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No Bad Days, Elera’s passing

Sleeping Elera 2015

I promised to love you, give you treats, hugs and long walks. I also promised you no bad days. No lying in your own waste because you didn’t know it was coming or you couldn’t get up and out fast enough. No limping on three legs when you use to walk on four. No falling on the hard frozen ground of winter hurting yourself. No whimpering afraid to get your big beautiful body up off the slippery floor. I promised to be there till the end of your life holding your head, telling you it was time to let go, calling in guides to show you the way and most of all telling you I loved you.

As an animal communicator, much of my work is with clients seeking reassurance that it is time to let their beloved pet pass on. I hold a space of love and compassion when I do readings, telling what I see and feel in the animal. Ultimately, it is the owners who need to come to terms with their own intuition as to whether it is time to euthanize their beloved pet.

As a pet owner, the decision of prolonging a pet’s life with medical intervention or deciding it’s time to euthanize is the hardest decision to make.

Elera, my Great Dane of 10 plus years passed away last week. As my friend said “She was older than dirt for a large breed dog.” That she was. I was blessed with 2 large breed dogs that lived to old age, my mastiff Malloki was 9 years. With Malloki, she and I knew when the time had come. I could see it in her eyes, her body and in her heart.

Elera was not so easy. A year ago her bodily functions started giving way on her. No matter how often or how long I walked her before bedtime, I was awakening most ever night to her rising, often not quick enough to get outside. So what do you do with a dog who’s eyes are bright, who has a heart of gold AND who’s body is breakings down a bit more each day? You love them, knowing that you made a lifetime comment to this relationship. You plaster the floor with washable covering; you clean up the dog bed and the dog. You live with the knowledge that soon she will not be with you. You except that she could take a turn for the worst at any time. And when the body no longer moves with grace you make a hard heart wrenching decision that aligns with your promise of no bad days.

I cried till my eyes swelled and blew my nose till it hurt. For the first time in over 12 years I was dog less. I know that there will be another dog in my life. Three months prior, Malloki came to me full face in a dream, looking me in the eyes as she did in life, she showed me the face of a puppy. This is not the first time I have met a dog in my dreams before it came to me in life. Elera was a dream dog, making direct eye contact so that I would know her on sight.

In my work, I honor the Shamanic belief that it takes three days for a spirit to crossover. On the morning of the fourth day I took my first walk alone. Down the driveway, turn left on to the dirt road, no keen ear and eye on dogs or alert for passing cars. I made my way to the familiar hill where I often walked both dogs. Turning to go up the hill I felt them, Malloki, on my right and Elera on my left. Joy filled me, knowing that Elera was with Malloki on the other side. We all took one last walk up the hill, through the woods to stand at the meadows edge. In front of me, was the lake shining through the leafless trees, behind me the recent snow covered mountains. Throughout my whole being spread the warmth of gratitude and joy. I lived a lifetime with these two beautiful dogs and they will be by my side when it is my time to pass over.


Elera & Malloki

This I know, love for the animals in your life has no boundaries and there only bad days if you perceive them to be.

This I learned, no two pets pass on in the same way, and each has a different purpose and place in your life. The bad day is only in your grieving for what once was.

This I discovered, I will grieve, some days more than others and in time, less that I first did. Both dogs, understood how to be present in an ever changing world, even if something bad did happen it didn’t last for long.


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