Raising Doorstep Kittens

Week One- Think like a Mother Cat

  • Hope and pray the kittens survive without Mom’s milk and tender loving care
  • To keep kittens warm like Mother Cat, use a hot water bottle, fill half way with warm water cover with bedding.
  • Crying kittens are hungry kittens, feed with syringe or bottle every 2-3 hours. Dispense food slowly so as not to offer too much at one time
  • To feed, lay kittens on belly, their arms will stretch out and they will start sucking just as if they were at Mom’s milk bar
  • After feeding quickly and gently wipe bums with warm wet wash cloth to make kittens pee and poop. A damp wash cloth also make kitten clean up a snap.
  • For draft less cozy clean sleeping cave keep kitten in a small cat carrier cover the it with towel. I keep a kitchen towel over the door so I can peek in on them.
  • Use flea comb often to keep healthy, if fleas insist on making their home on kittens give them a bath with warm water, soap up kittens with Dawn dish detergent, let sit a minute and rinse. Fleas will jump ship. Make sure to fully towel off wet kitten and keep free of light breezes.
  • For kitten bonding talk, cuddle and hold kittens at every feeding. A kitten will open its eyes around 8 days so in the beginning it is all smell and sounds.
  • Advice for caregivers
    • Wash Hands after kitten feeding and bathroom time.
    • Kittens nap, you nap; nighttime feedings take their toll.
    •  Place cat carrier near your head at night so kitten cries will penetrate your dreams
    • For easy night time kitten clean up use toilet paper and flush it down the drain
    • Do not despair if kittens die, being human is a poor substitute for being a Mother cat

    All kittens made it past the 1 week mark and we are well into our second week.

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