Gifts come from unexpected places

I finished my healing session with my client, as I prepare to leave her home she wants to share one last story with me.

“My aunt and I share the same birthday.” she begins. We have not always been close, until we recently reconnected. ”We have talked about the loss of her husband, her daughters, my illness and my search to be well.” Her eyes that held my mine flicker downward quickly then back to me my mine. “I told her about your work with my dog and how I had an upcoming session with you here at the house.”  She swallows and takes a breath. “I received a letter from her with a money order inside. At first, I rejected the gift of money wanting only to return her generosity to her. I thought better of it and am now giving you the money she sent me. You see she told me that she had been instructed to give this money to you.”

With that she gave me the envelope with the gift of abundance inside. For me it was an overwhelming moment. The true gift was not the amount that the envelope held. The true gift was that spirit sent me a message of support for the work I am doing through a women that I have never meet. When you expected miracles, large or small they will appear in your life.

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Animal Communication, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Medium, Writer, Storyteller, and Independent Business Owner .
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