Name It! 3 Tips for Naming Your Business

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Does what you name your blog and online store really matter if you are a small business? Yes, a name is how you brand yourself and your products. Big or small people find you by your name.

Recently a friend posted on Facebook that she was shutting down her blog and her online store. The news saddened me that this artistic talent would let go of her dream. “I only wanted to share my creative ideas and sell items I have made. What I have received are lewd comments and inappropriate suggestions.”

The reaction she received from the public was due to the name of her store and blog. What she considered cute and cuddly gave off a whole different meaning to group that she was not looking to attract.

When picking a name for your business, make sure that the name doesn’t have two meanings. Common symbols have been adopted over the years to represent a variety of causes and companies.

In 1885, Coke-Cola was named for its two “medicinal” ingredients: extract of coca leaves and kola nuts. When the name became public speculations on cocaine being in the soft drink were quickly put to rest. Today, it is the most recognizable brand in the world. In a fast paced social media marketplace this could have been a disaster.

What may seem like a cute name to you may have connotations that you do not want to have attached to your business. The other factor to consider is length.

If you plan on using initials what do those initials spell?  Rethink or reorganize if your brands initials mimic another business.

Before naming your online store or blog do a bit of brainstorming and research. Here are 3 Tips for Naming Your Business.

  • What do you want your name to express to the public? Writing one sentence describing your business. This sentence is your mission statement.
  • Write out the name of your business. Now brainstorm all words in your to discover the other implies meanings.
  • Consider using your name, it is the best brand and advertisement of your business. Partner your name with a descriptive word for branding your business.


Test your name with others who are in business. Your friends are not a good test group unless one has a business background. Local mentors may be hard to find that can relate to your type of business. Research online is an invaluable tool, others are doing what you are doing so look at their blogs and websites. Make a list of what you like then use it to enrich your work.

Remember, there is an audience looking for your talent and abilities, no does that you do in the same way. Big or small your business is what you put into it. Get started on the right foot and you will avoid pitfalls that will stop you in your tracks.


When I first named my small business, Moonspinners Tearoom Shamanic Healing, I picked a name that I thought gave meaning to what I did and who I was. Only I never considered that others would have no clue.

Tearoom gave off the impression that I had an actual room where I sold tea. My tearoom was an virtual online service. The work I do, as an animal communicator, shamanic healing and psychic medium related to the mystic side of life. Reading tea leaves is an ancient practice

The other word people had trouble with was Shamanic. I found that many didn’t know that Shamans are healers. Pairing the word with Shamanic healing in my business was a way of saying the healing techniques I use are based on the work of Shamans.

Reinvention and growth led me to reconsider my businesses name choice. As I storyteller/writer, I love the tale of the moon being spun up into the sky every month. It speaks to how we all can begin again to restart, revitalize and relive our lives.  My mission statement became a board statement:


Under the moonlight, helping others spin their own tales.


What I do is not one element of my life, by weaving it all together under one name I could bring all aspects of my work together in one name.

Moonspinners Enterprise


My name is easier to remember and still reflect aspects of my original vision for all of my talents and abilities. And the initials put the focus on ME.


Lesley P Nase

Moonspinners Enterprise LLC

Business 888-785-4888

Animal Communicator, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Medium, Writer, Storyteller, Independent Business Owner

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Animal Communication, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Medium, Writer, Storyteller, and Independent Business Owner .
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