A Wreak, A Save, An a Insight

left hand curve road signWalking alone in the suburbs or walking alone in the woods the feeling of being watched or watched over is common to many. The theme of my children’s picture book, Who Paints the World is one of you are not alone. The tale tells of an angel watching over a small child as she views her uncertain world from her bedroom. Hope asks the question “Who paint the world?” An angel replies, “Why a child, that’s who.”

In this visible world, it can often be hard to imagine, let alone feel the presence of the invisible world. A life threatening incident or overwhelming situation can give off the sensation of your brain not firing on all cylinders and/or your body frozen with the inability to move. In that split second a guardian angel or spirit guide steps in to maneuver you through the crisis at hand.

You are not alone, you are loved and protected is what I felt recently. I was blinded by what lay ahead but I never doubted what I felt or the voice that spoke.

A friend and I had arranged to meet at a Gem and Jewelry Supply shop to hours from both our homes. We looked forward to perusing the crystals and gems, buying whatever moved us to take it home. Both of us use gems and crystals in our healing work. This day I was looking for a clear quartz crystal for a client.

For once, I was leaving the house ahead of schedule this meant taking my time driving in the rain. Before I even left my home I was stopped by my mother requesting to sort out her boxes in the cellar. Knowing I had just moved said boxes I called my husband into the cellar to point out where the search would begin.

In the car, I glanced at the time, still ahead of when I planned to leave. Only as I coasted into town I realized I forgot to fill up the gas tank and a cup of coffee for the road would be nice on this chilly day.

I pulled alongside the gas pumps, turned off the car and started to get out. I couldn’t believe I had pulled my car to the wrong side of the fill hole. No problem, just pull go around to the other side. I stopped myself before I repeated the mistake, backed up and positioned my car to the correct side.

Shaking my head I chided “What is wrong with me!” With a light rain falling I inserted my debt card, punched in the pin code only to read the message. “See Cashier” Looking down at my hand I discovered that I had put in my credit card not the debit.

Laughing to myself I walked into the country store for coffee thinking 3 delays to getting on the road on time. In the car once more I saw that I would just make it on time if I didn’t stop again.

A mile out from the interstate entrance ramp my low pressure tire symbol lite up. The forecast said periods of heavy rain. I knew that low tire pressure could be a problem at high speeds in clear weather so I stopped once more to fill the air in the front tire. A called out a soft “Thank-you” to the universe for bring this tire to my attention before I was careening down the highway.

From then on it was clear sailing. I met my girlfriend; we explored the gem store to our hearts content, picked several pieces to come home, had a late lunch and then went our separate ways home.

The rain had indeed come in heavy down pours to light pitter patters. This weather and traffic had one vigilant to slow downs, passing vehicles and low visibility during down pours.  Going up over the mountain side, I passed a couple of cars and a tractor trailer truck. From previous trips, I know that a sharp left-hand curve lay ahead. With the conditions being wet, I was mindful of the proximity of the guardrail with drop of hillside beyond it. I eased up on the accelerator.

The truck, I had passed going up was now passing me. As it edged out in front of my car it a created blind tunnel, no way could I see what lay ahead. My eye caught the red of the truck’s brake lights. My mind reacted with the message “Something is not right! Brake! Brake carefully!” I did as instructed.

I was in danger with no means to go around and now way to slow or stop safely.  A car had lost its car carrier; it had flown off the car and was now slammed upside the guardrails. Its contents were spewed across my lane on the highway. Just beyond the curve several vehicles had pulled off the road as best they could. No one was stood outside their cars.

A surreal feeling came over me. I knew it was a time for quick decisions, no room for era. My vision narrowed and a path through the road wreckage lit up.

No thought filled my head till I heard the commanding voice say “Breath”. As I took in a breathe I glanced in the rear view mirror. How did I just drive through that and not hit a thing?

Feeling myself return to my body more fully I thanked the Guardian that had come to take over the driving. The Guardian, who had been with me on this entire time, slowing me down and remembering to be present, I offer up a pray of thanks and gratitude.

Later, when relaying the story to my girlfriend she said: “What a metaphor. Weaving through someone else’s Flotsam and Jetsam, at high speed and with no warning.”

Yes, life has obstacles that have us weaving and bobbing as we make our way through. Life also has safeguards and angelic guides, the key is to stay open and present to visible world we live in. And the invisible world that reassures us that we are not alone.

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