#Believe in Your Convictions

candy cane paper

Holiday Funny

Mother to 5 year old daughter: “Would you like to wrap your friend’s birthday gift?”

5 year old: “I don’t know where the paper is?”

Mother: “It’s right where it always is, in my bedroom.”

Mother and daughter disappear into the bedroom. Mother returns to continue the conversation with Granmere. After several minutes the 5 year runs into the room.

5 year old: “I wrapped the present in the Candy Cane Paper!

Mother: “That’s Christmas paper!  Let’s think about this, would you like your birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper?”

5 year old: “No, my birthday is in October.”

Mother: “Then let’s wrap your friends gift in birthday paper.”

5 year old: “I like the Candy Cane Paper!

Mother looks to her mother for help then back to the child.

Mother: “Your Granmere, has a birthday close to Christmas. Ask her if she would like her birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper?”

Five year old turns to look at Granmere. Granmere patiently explains that her birthday is her birthday and Christmas is Christmas. Child has a look of not quite understanding where this is going.

Granmere: “When someone gives me a gift with birthday paper I know it’s for my birthday. When I get a present with Christmas paper I know it’s a Christmas present.”

Big smile on 5 year old: “I still like the Candy Cane Paper!”

At that she leaves the room.

Stick to your inner convictions, it’s not about the outer wrappings it’s about the inner #Belief.

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