Winged Hearts Beat of Love

“Life is a thread through which ever silent voices speak volumes as we connect our beating hearts as one.”

By Lesley Nase

Winged hearts 1

Nicole Danielle, artist and college friend of my daughters sent out a call of hearts, no bigger than your hand, stuffed like a pillow and words either inside or out. In college, Nicole had been part of Healing Hearts Art Project after 9/11, the project created in her peace and love and she always wanted to create more Healing Heart Art Projects in different parts of the country.

Then came the shooting of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, her alma mater, it was time for Healing Heart Art Project 2.

At times, my mind works overtime to create and what could be more inspirational than healing hearts. As I slept, dream makers floated a single beating heart, so big it was all that I could see at first. The heart’s steady beat matched my own, it drew back and as it did I saw it had wings. With the blink of my eye it drew back even more into the heavens. Then I saw 17 beating hearts with wings, all connected by a thread of life. Without a doubt I was making 17 winged hearts for the Healing Heart Art Project.

The next morning, the writer in me kept playing with word from dream: hearts, beating, thread, connected, etc. I began to put the words on paper when I heard this sentence:

Life is a thread through which ever silent voices speak volumes as we connect our beating hearts as one.

Winged hearts 2


My wish for you is that you follow your heart and reach out to connect to others in a way that feels right to you. Your love, compassion and healing is needed in this world.

Winged hearts 3



May 11th my heart takes flight as my picture book “Who Paint the World” is available for purchase in paperback and ebook. Watch here on how to purchase.

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