Month-Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 2

Jumpstarting Your Well-being, Where to Starting Somewhere



New daily habits lead to the lifestyle changes we envision for our health and happiness. A habit heals old patterns that keep you stuck in the same cycle, going round and round without change.  In creating a new meaningful, sustainable pattern of habit the work needs to be repeated again and again till it replaces old thought forms and feelings. In order to achieve your goal to greater health break the recycled wheel.

Thoughts turn into ideas, ideas turn into goals, goals form a plan but it is the actions that bring your goals into being.


 Achieving Your Goals



Plan of Action




Dreaming about what you want in life is the first step to making dreams a reality. However the larger picture of your dream can be overwhelming till you break it down into smaller attainable steps.


I am a great believer in visualizing what, where and how you are going to make your dreams come true. For me, that comes with my daily meditation. I not only envision my dream as reality I feel it as already here.

Meditation is a lengthy subject, so for now just sit with your ideas and let them play in your mind’s eye till they form a clear picture.

My starting spot for a healthier me came in seeing myself exercising with a thinner, happier, healthier, me emerging. I hold that in my heart feeling like I had already achieved it.


Voicing your new habit and/or belief helps your mind reprogram the old stale beliefs and strengthens your resolve to achieving your goals. My smart phone has become a way to write, view and repeat my affirmations daily. Each affirmation is set with an alarm to go off during the day to encourage me with positive messages. I follow that up with post it notes on my mirror, refrigerator and by my desk.


“I am grateful and blessed to have a strong, healthy body.”

                                                Mirror Affirmation                             


Plan of Action

With every goal you need an action step that tells the universe that you are serious. Small steps help you climb the hill, large steps lead to the mountaintop. However if you are in need of a jumpstart I recommend the small steps for several hills make a mountain.

Every morning, I dress in my exercise clothes; I get on my exercise bike and play something in the background that motivates me to move.

Jon, a friend, personal trainer, coach, and former gym owner, fell on hard times. He said this about getting back into optimal shape, “I knew that the way back for me was to start working out daily, again. I believed I could and would feel better about myself if I did. It didn’t matter that I could hardly put one foot in front of the other what matter was getting back into the habit of walking. I started out slow doing interval training; walk slowly, then walk as fast as I could then slow again.”

Jon is back into the role he was born to do, coaching others to be physical fit with a positive self-image. He would say that his recovery is a well-worn path to healing his body, mind and spirit.

I took a lesson from Jon’s playbook; my plan was to exercise on my bike with interval training as least 5 days a week. Afterwards I would hold yoga poses to stretch out my muscles. My workout time: 45 min.


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

by Benjamin Franklin



Your word may be golden and your heart may be true but how do you know that you have followed through?

Keeping a calendar on the wall next to my exercise bike to record my progress in the form of time exercised, miles cycled and calories burned is like having my own cheerleader saying “Way to go!”

It can also work in the other direction. “I see you missed a day or two, did you have an alternative exercise? Do you need to recommit?”

If you are shy about posting your progress where all can see then keep it private, the important thing is to keep a log.



Life needs to be celebrated! What gives you joy? Is it in the beginning of the journey, the middle or the end? How do you reward yourself for a task, job or goal achieved?

A cleanse, is all about food, what you eat and what you don’t eat. It’s all about how you feel when you release toxins that have been stored in the body. It’s about giving you permission to take care of yourself.

I started to think about the end of the month long cleanse. Would I go back to my old eating habits or would I incorporate what I had learned into my lifestyle? Working on this question I knew that food, as much as I enjoyed it, was not the reward for a completing the month long cleanse or for losing weight.

I asked another question: What can I do for me that will make me feel good about me?

Losing weight is all about self-image, how do I look now? For me summer was about wearing shorts and showing off my legs. I promised myself that if I reached my set goal of weight loss I would get my legs waxed in celebration.

In December, I put my exercise plan in motion and it appeared to be working, at least as far as my clothes were a measuring stick. However the real test was going to be my upcoming appointment with my Naturopatic Physician in April.


Since the natural disaster happened where I found myself in rebuild mode to survive the one aspect of my life that I did not want to face weight creeping up on my form and setting in. I always faced away from the scale at the doctor’s office. In April, I needed to confront my greatest fears of not losing weight and what was I going to do to change that.

I faced the scale and stepped on, it confirmed what I already had known, no weight loses.

Instead of being devastated I was ready to put my plan of a Spring Cleanse in motion.

Tomorrow’s blog post on Month-Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 3

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