Month-Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 3

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Potential new openings and awareness

Self Discovery: Losing weight and regain overall heath wasn’t working the way I envisioned it and it wasn’t going to happen with just exercise.

In my work as a healer, both with humans and animals, I hold a scared healing space. In this space, the energetic fields of mind, body and spirit connect in harmony and balance. I am aware of my words, thoughts and feeling in any given moment during a healing session as those can be the keys to old patterns and beliefs. Bringing awareness energetically to my clients can initiate their own desire to heal and form new patterns of belief within themselves.

Talking openly and honestly to your health care provider can guide you to a working plan for bring the body back into alignment. At a gut level, I knew that my internal organs and body needed more than I was giving them.

It’s too easy to blame someone or something else in life for our problems. I could have just said I have a sluggish metabolism and resign myself to carrying extra weight. I could have gone into the fear of not having enough to eat, which in the past has been a trigger when changing my diet.

What I could not ignore was the looming health concerns that being overweight can bring. Concerns such as:

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


Heart Disease and Stroke

Muscle and Joint Pain


The time had come for me to take my head out of the sand and take ownership of my body and work to create a healthier me in the form of a slimmer, trimmer, active body.

I consider my body as a scared space where miraculous things happened all the time so why wouldn’t I want to honor it with a Spring cleaning? Even the body could use a vacation. It would be my healing spa vacation to nourished and detoxified for optimal health.


Our bodies are amazing machines that have the power to heal themselves with the right support.


Moving to the area where I live now, I wanted to find a primary care medical professional that would work with me and my beliefs.

Allopathic physicians are trained to look at the disease and treat accordingly. Naturopathic physicians take a different approach of looking at the whole body and mind connection.

When I read this statement of Mountain View Natural Medicine website about their service to their patients, I knew this was the right choice for me.

“Mountain View began operating as an advanced primary care practice, known as a “patient centered medical home.” This means that our primary care patients continue to enjoy the personalized whole-person care that we’ve always provided, but with added focus on partnering with you to prevent and treat health issues.”


Another deciding factor for me was this sentence on the website:

The naturopathic practice at Mountain View provides most primary care services as well as referrals to specialists in both conventional and alternative medicine.”

As far as I am concern, health care doesn’t get any better than having partnership with your provider, charting a course in my pursuit of a healthier me in the form of a slimmer, trimmer, active body.

Sitting with my Naturopath, gave me the opening to ask her if she could recommend a good Spring Cleanse. Her face lit up as she said “Yes, Bryn Perkins PA, CBS health consultant who not only works here in the building but is starting a month long cleanse beginning in May.”

Bryn has a smile that lights up her whole face and she is genuinely happy to meet you as well as help you make choices for a healthier you. To check out Bryn and her work go to her website Eating for a Healthier You, I highly recommend it.

black eyed susan open with bee

Synchronicity at its best, I asked and the Universe offered an open door. In my world, when the Universe lines up the opportunity you pay attention, I signed up. I had one week to prepare.

That meant going off these foods:

Coffee – the hard one, I did not look forward to caffeine withdrawal

Dairy – milk, ice cream- ok but my favorite protein cheese

Wheat – no brainer, I have been gluten free for several years

Sugar – a little square of dark chocolate at night was satisfying, sigh, bye, bye dark chocolate

This month long cleanse was one of the most supportive, well planned and easy to implement that I have ever done. There is so much to learn and absorb that people return time and again to learn more from both the Spring cleanse and the Fall cleanse.

Bryn’s approach is to meet you wherever you are at on your quest to a healthier you. A weekly class allows you to meet others who are cleansing, to ask questions and experience different aspects from trying new recipes to alternative heal options.

Bryn’s website offers the following to aid you:

Online journal for keeping track of changes and questions

Videos that expand as well as supplement your learning

Food tips and recipes

Resources for delving deeper into eating and how food works

And more


Admittedly, I was kind of cocky when I started the cleanse. I had done a cleanse before, what more could I learn from this one that I didn’t already know?

How wrong I was, by the second week I realized that there was more to my goal of “jumpstarting weight loss”. A lightbulb moment had happened in class.

Tomorrow’s blog post


Month Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 4

Turning the Corner to Deeper Understanding

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