Month Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 4

Month Long Cleanse and a Healthier Me Part 4

Turning the Corner to Deeper Understanding



When we stay present in the moment, all potentials exist, we can move beyond space and time to make any one of those potentials a reality.

From Dr. Joe Dispenza


In childhood, we are like a sponge absorbing everything around us, trying to make sense of our world and creating lifelong patterns. As we age, we go through the “I am invincible!” years and ease into a more settle way of being, slowing down and taking stock.

Often what we don’t understand is that at any time in our lives we can change our way of thinking and being in this world. We can create a new me.

I love learning something new, changing my way of thinking and absorbing what works for me and letting go of what doesn’t. That is why in the cleanse there came a time when it dawned on me that I was learning a lot more about my body and its reactions than I first perceived.

Since this blog post is about gaining a deeper understanding, I going to tell you about another cleanse and how it changed my way of thinking and my body.

I used to bike, 20, 30, 40 miles at a time then I started to lose energy and felt sick. At 15 miles a headache would begin, I felt so drained of energy that I would stop to eat or drink more. I found myself more often than not turning around and heading home. Once home, it would feel like I was having a heat stroke. My joyful, solitary exercise time was turning into a hassle and I had no idea why.

Looking for answers came quickly when on my radio show “Books, Yarns and Tales” My guest, a woman who had been chronical ill told her story of how the doctors were not able to diagnose what the cause of her chronic illnesses was. Time and time again they only treated the symptoms and never looked at the underlining cause.

With her journalistic background, she took action. She made a list of all her symptoms. She then researched the symptoms and how each symptom affected the organs. She found a pattern, after eating certain foods she would get very sick, some foods making her so sick she ended up in the hospital.

After a bit more research she decided to detox her body by cleansing and then testing each food she put back into her body. For her, a cleanse showed that she was gluten intolerant and when she brought this up to her health care provider the diagnose led to celiac disease.

Arm with knowledge she listed the foods she could eat and then set to making delicious meals for herself and others with food allergies.

Today, she coaches clients in the hows and whys of detoxing their bodies and slowly reintroducing foods. At the time we chatted, she was getting ready to open a café, serving food to people looking for a health alternative.

What struck a chord with me was that this was an avenue of health and well-being that I wanted to explore, so I signed up for her program.

As I started the cleanse I had an immediate reaction to her recipe for a daily smoothie. I crashed big time, I felt nauseous and my head hurt so bad that I needed to lay down till it passed.

I called her up and she explained that the protein she had given me had gluten in it. She exchanged that protein for a gluten free protein. No violent reaction, perhaps I was on to something.

blog pic 07032018

What I was onto was that I was gluten intolerant. I eliminated the following foods from my diet.

Anything with:

Wheat, Barley, Bulgur, Rye, and Oats

My elimination list included any boxed or bottled foods that listed any of the above on the label.

That was seven years ago and I have been gluten free since.

Back to the present cleanse. Fall and winter colds play havoc on our bodies, never ending runny noses, persistent coughs and ear infections. When I have cold I increase my vitamin C and add zinc to my daily vitamins knowing that in 2 weeks or less it will be over.

In the fall, I had a cold as the symptoms abated I ended up with the most excruciating ear infection. This infection had my ear canal closed up so tight my Naturopathic Physician could not see the ear drum. Much to my displeasure, I had to take antibiotics.  Not one round but two as the ear infection and pain returned shortly after the first round of antibiotics ended.

A visit to the Otolaryngologist gave me an understanding of what was happening in my ear. However it didn’t answer the question of what the underlying cause of the ear infections were. Nor did it address the continuous runny nose, a leftover symptom from the original cold four months earlier. I blew my nose so often that I thought I should buy stock in the tissue companies.

During the month long cleanse Bryn cautioned people; things in your body could get worse before they get better. Your cravings for certain food will try and hijack the cleanse, think about your patterns of eating before putting a food not on the cleanse list into your system.

Ask yourself this question:

Are you really hungry or are you thirsty?

Don’t automatically eat; think about what is happening in your body and your environment.

Two weeks into the cleanse, I had a cold. The cold lasted 4 days and when it ended so had my runny nose. The cleanse classes supported the fact that what I was doing was working, my body was detoxing. This led me to suspect that another food was the underlying problem to the ear infections.

No, one wants to hear that they have to give up something in their lives in order to be health. As I reintroduced coffee in my morning routine, I had it with a friend who is lactose intolerant and the way she fixed it I had no problems.

Next morning, my morning coffee went down smoothly till I started talking and could feel a drip down the back of my throat with my nose getting stuffy. Testing the coffee, I drank it black, no problem. Then I added cream with an instantaneous stuffy nose and drip down the back of my throat.

The benefits to a cleanse is that you become more in tune with your body’s needs, your minds perceptions and your hearts desires. IMG_8656

I had reached my weight lose goal for the month of the cleanse, I released old ingrained belief patterns and set new goals for the ensuing months.

A Healthier me is a work in progress. With health natural foods that are supplemented by vitamins and digestive enzymes.

Will I do another cleanse with Bryn in the fall? Yes, I can always learn more.

Side note: The photos of the vitamins, digestive enzymes and protien powder are on my online store, if you contact me by email I will be happy to chat about these and other product lines I sell.

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