A 100 Days of ….. Hmmmm


Today is the 1st of 100 days.

What would you like to accomplish in 100 days?

My tai chi teacher, Rich Marantz ,used to encourage us to do a 100 day practice. He would say pick a time every day to do a simple movement over and over again for a 100 days. If you do, you will be increasing your proficiency in tai chi.

Rich is a great believer in the power of a 100 day challenge to change your life for the better. He knew first-hand what it meant. Years ago, Rich had hurt his back, nothing seemed to help the pain or increase the movement of his body. That was until he began studying and practicing tai chi.

Little by little Rich felt and saw the improvement in his body, his mind and his spirit. He believed so much in what he had accomplished that he became a teacher of tai chi.

This past year, Rich suffered an accident that again stopped him in his tracks. It never dampened his belief in his body’s ability to heal itself. His practice firmly in place he once more rebuilt his life through tai chi training one day at a time engaging his body, mind and spirit.

A few years back, Rich had added the title of nurse to his list of healing tools. The accident he suffered has given Rich a new insight to his patients, greater understanding and empathy, a space for compassion and patience.

The question I started with still begs to be answered. You have 100 days to practice a skill or to change a habit. What will that be? What will you do over and over again to enrich your life?

I remember hearing that if you do something 21 days you can change a habit. That may be true but will the habit that you changed stay? Or will you fall back into old patterns and beliefs of being?

My body cleanse in May was for the whole month of May, 31 days. Did what I learned in that cleanse stick? Or did I go back to my old ways?

It is too easy to think “Oh, what will it hurt if I just indulge this once!” Once it fine, twice, three days in a row can be devastating to the new self you are practicing to be.

Mindfulness of an old pattern or belief system can help you stop the impulse. Once your attention is drawn to it is no longer an unconscious act.   Recognize the thought or action for what it is and then say out loud “Change that”.

“You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.”

Dr. Phil’ McGraw

What am I doing for the next 100 days? I am writing a 15 minute blog. I set the timer and just started writing, no stopping to edit, correct spelling or take a sip of tea.

I look forward to see what comes out of my 100 day practice. Today 512 words were written. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have a 100 day practice in your life.

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