Story Celebration: How Far can You See

Snow vision 02022019

The end of #NationalStorytellingWeek is here. I started off the week celebration at an Storytelling Open Mic Night telling a personal tale of New Beginnings. Today I was inspired to write a tale of Blizzard Woes. Here is a quick tale to delight.

Looking up from my work I realize the afternoon light would soon turn to none. Fat fluffy snowflakes fell as I brushed off the coat of white that enveloped my car from the day’s snowstorm. Windshield vision unencumbered, dogs loaded and ready to navigate I glanced to the sky. A clear knowing fill me, the once bright lightness of snow was now ominous shades of gray, a snowstorm was swiftly approaching.

I shook off the eerie warning of what was to come. A seven mile round trip was an easy jaunt at the front end of a snowstorm. The library and the market were both doable. Off we went.

Wipers kept a steady beat as the vista of pasture land and stands of trees faded from view on the dirt roadway. Homesteads still held their outlines as I passed by. Creating the hill it was a total whiteout, warily I drove the curvy descent to the main route. No slips, no skids hindered me.

At the stop sign, it was clear both ways and snowfall was less hindering. Smother sailing, snow falling steadily at the roundabout, cars headed home in the lowlight of winter.

Four blocks down on the right side of Main Street sits the town library. Only as I made the turn there was no street lined row of houses, shops or the library. Everything was cloaked in white! Headlights only showed half a car length.

I was now in a blinding snow squall. Parked the car, ran into the library, and grabbed my books then left. Looking at my car I could not see 2 little dogs looking back at me as they were obscured by snow.

The trip homeward included the market stop. Along the river traffic was creeping through the blinding storm. The bridge turn had me guessing which lane I was in.

Just as I entered the market the wind kicked up. Coming out a man held the door with two hands as the wind fought for control. Snow once more encased the car. Clear of obstructions I lowered the window to see if it was safe to venture forth. Before the bridge my left signal flashed warningly of the impending stop on the bridge.

The last leg home, winds whipped the car in a whiteout world. Funny how in a white environment white is not all white. Shadows play across the landscape of your vision and your mind. Some take on ominous shapes that predict a possible outcome. Others hold the shape of lantern light like a guide illuminating your path home.

Thanks for reading,  This month as I host Storytelling Open Mic Night the theme will be I See It Everywhere. Here is hoping you  are guided to tell a tale or two.


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