Perception, It’s All in the Eye of the Beholder

Sap to Sugar, Spring Rain to Winter Blast! In less than 48 hours my world went from the sweet smells and taste of Spring with a rainy day to chilling winds and snow covered landscape. No, I screamed internally.adding-sap

It’s April 1st and felt like the biggest joke has been played on me.

Two days ago, the air smelled of fresh dirt, wood smoke and a tantalizing aroma of sap bubbling. My walk blew warm patches of air across my face as I searched for the first buds of spring.

One day ago, the clouds enveloped my house and the rain began to fall. As the rain poured steadily on the snow covered lawn and meadows showed off their brown gray beginnings of spring vegetation.

Daytime melded into nighttime and with it the last outside venture for the dogs before lights out. My husband yelled out to me “It’s snowing!” He had been telling me it was going to snow and I refused to listen.

This morning the front, back and side yards were once again white. The chills of winter winds swept across the meadow onto the lawn and toward the house to batter it once more.

Realizing it was the first of April I heard the woman that I had spoken to over the weekend who said “I remember when we had snow way into April.” Those feeling of despair, of feeling blue threatened to creep up my spine and into my mind.

At the same time the sun broke through the cloudy morning sky to light my face. I felt warmth spread from my face down my torso. Thoughts of watching sap boil on an open outside fire filled my soul.

Sap is the water like substance that maple trees produce. In spring sugar makers rejoice when days are warm and nights are cold for the trees give of their essence.

Once collected sap is poured into a large pan to boil and boil till it reduces down to a sweet treat we call maple syrup.

The time between sap and syrup is filled with tending the fire so it stays hot, skimming off the white foam that forms on the surface of the sap, adding more sap keep a consistent boil and adding a bit of cream when it looks like it will boil over.

Life can be like patiently watching sap turn into maple syrup, waiting to see what feeling or emotion will arise and bubble over.

Do you tend the flame of anger or despair never skimming off the layer of foam that serves no purpose?

Perhaps you recognize the feeling for what it is and add a bit of cream to find the sweet spot of who you really are.

How Sap into Syrup is a Matter of Perception

  • When rage, fear or anger rise up inside of you ask yourself: Is this really how I want to feel? Just like the weather it can blow warm one day and cold the next so can your emotions. It’s only when we let our emotions rule our mind and body that we cannot perceive a new vision.
  • Sift through the emotion to understand why you reacted the way you did. We don’t have to relive a disturbing emotion over again, you just need to recognized it and release it. Sap is mostly water when it dissipates the syrup is sugar at the bottom of the pot.
  • New perception is achieved when you view the situation with fresh eyes. An uncomfortable layer of steam arises then clears as new understanding leads to joy, bliss and happiness. Maple syrup is graded from light to dark, no color of syrup is better than another it’s all a matter of taste. Sugar Maple color grades

My insights didn’t change the snowy cold April day to a warm welcoming spring day outside. My perception of what was or wasn’t changed and when the warmth of the sun lit my face. That warmth spread to my insides and I found the day to be much more fun and productive.

Healing session can help you shift through your fog to find your sweet spot within. Moonspinners Enterprise

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