Perception: Did I Hear that Right?

ear gabrielle-henderson-1303880-unsplash It happens when we are just not paying attention to what someone is saying to us, that moment when your mind throws out the question: “Did I hear that right?”

In your distracted state of mind your ears tune in to what is slowly penetrating your inner thoughts. You react with what you hope is the appropriate responds.

For inspiring messages, I listen to several spiritual teachers. A while back I heard Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of “Mind Movies” chat about Abraham-Hicks work of “17 Seconds to Manifestation”.

My ears perked up. This method intrigued me so I started a practice of mindful 17 Second of Manifestation.

To get the most out of the original instructions I found Abraham-Hicks work on You Tube and listened attentively.

Later that day, I was texting with a friend who has been studying Abraham’s teachings, Law of Attractions with for years. I said:

I listened to Abraham talking about “17 Seconds to Manifesting” and how in that time you keep forking on ideas that lead to what you want to manifest.

She texted me right back,

Forking? I thought he was saying focusing. I guess my hearing is “maturing”.

I laughed hysterically as I thought I was forking wrong it was my hearing that needed tweaking. I explained to her how forking had made perfect sense to me when I heard it.

Science says that as you learn and understand something new the neurons in our brains form new pathways. I see these pathways as forking off the original idea which lead you to a new you. neurons in your brain

In 17 Seconds to Manifesting:

  • Open your heart and bring up an elevated emotion (Love, Joy, etc)
  • Express Gratitude, it sends a signal that you have already received
  • Repeat a thought, sentence after sentence leading you to what you desire to manifest in your life.
  • As the sentence morphs into a different thought it forks off the original path forming a new thought, a clearer intention.
  • A stronger belief in your abilities.
  • Keep forking off the path of what you thought you wanted until a clear, concise positive affirmation.
  • Focusing on this thought will manifest that which you desire quicker.

A young child uses his/her 5 senses to create its world. Their attention is a fine laser set in the present moment, so absorbed in play that they cannot hear a parent talking to them. When they do hear the parent, they use facial clues to help decipher what was said. This focus in play has nothing to do with hearing (in most cases) it has to do with the power to manifesting their imagination.

dog ear angelos-michalopoulos-742054-unsplash

Young domestic animals often have the same laser focus when exploring their world. Which can often results in not responding to their owner’s voice. A pet’s world is just as fascinating it as a child’s world is for them.

As we grow older, people accuse us of needing to get our ears checked out when we didn’t catch what was said to us. I tend to respond, “Were you speaking to me? My mind was working on creating, please repeat.”

Focusing or forking, both are right, both can lead you to a richer life when you clarify the: what you want when it comes to manifesting your heart centered desires. forking

It’s all in how you perceive your world. In my healing work, I use senses beyond ordinary reality to connect to the world of spirit in order to help facilitate healing for animals and people.

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