Looking Back at Goals in the New Year

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I wrote a blog post about taking stock of your goals as late January is the time most people lose heart with their goals and let them drop by the wayside. As with all of my writing, I write it then leave it, move on to another task and then return to the writing with a fresh eye. This is great for edits not so great when new ideas take shape and you end up writing more. On this particular day I realized why I hadn’t set new goals for 2019.

On my desk beside my computer is a list of projects and daily goals that I am working on. Propped up against my bookcase is a white board where my long term goals are posted. Written is red is this motivational quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes:

A Mind that is Stretched by New Experiences can Never go back to its Old Dimensions

On the  bottom of my board I have affirmations as a reminder to who I am and where I am headed. Looking at both the to do list and white board I realized that I didn’t set new goals for 2019. I was adding new ideas and pathways as they took which all lead to achieving the life I envision. What I choose to work on after writing the first blog on keeping your goals going was part of last year’s goal.

So why am I working on finishing up last goals? The shortest answer to that is that life is filled with detours. My writing life is a perfect example, I have written as a freelance writer, a variety of children’s stories, short stories in different genres and stories for storytelling for the majority of my life.

When I made the decision to publish my children’s picture book “Who Paints the World” I had to consider the whats, the whys and the hows of the publishing world for this was a new skill. Some of the questions I asked were:

What happens to my story once an editor accepts it?

Will they pick the illustrator or will I have a say in who illustrates?

How much of the marketing will a publishing house do and what is my responsibility?

I made the decided that I would team up with an artist of my choosing to illustrate my picture book. In the end the best choice of artist was my own daughter Rebecca Nase Chomyn. Her love of the story, her artistry and watercolors talents made the book come alive.

It was about that same time that the self-publishing world was gaining momentum with venues that would allow me to offer my book to bookstores, libraries and gift shops.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Then last May I self-published my children’s picture book “Who Paints the World” on the same day my husband had shoulder surgery and my mother who was living with us got notice that her senior living apartment was ready for her and moved. Life happened all at once and my new venture was launched.

Admittedly the easiest part of my children’s picture book was the writing of it. The publishing, marketing and PR have been an uphill climb as I learn new skills frequently with downhill slides as I figure it all out.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned as it pertains to publishing a book, either with a traditional publisher or self-publishing, is that if you are a new publishing you aren’t going to make many sales unless you are the one doing the work.

My mindset is much is more in line with a relay racer who is running a marathon. I set a short goals, reach them and then go for the next goal, all the while keeping the ultimate goals in mind and developing new ideas which lead to new goals. Here is my view:

Overarching Goals:

  • Pre-publishing- learn the lingo, set up of title, hardcopy/paperback/ebook, upload illustrations, proofread then proofread again in first print
  • Publish- visit all the bookstore, send out PR and explore different marketplaces
  • Market- define target readers, name markets that readers use, and on a shoestring budget proceed
  • Press Releases- social media sites, newspapers and TV
  • Websites & Emails- a website to highlight my freelance writing, my published book(s), storytelling and as a speaker. Setting up an email with a subscriber list is latest learning endeavor


The upshot is look at your 2019 Goals and ask yourself a few questions:

Are they the same or different than last year’s goal?

Are they BIG goals with small step to help achieve them?

By the end of the year will you be satisfied with what you achieved?


Now if that is not enough think about there is the factor of being known locally for the work you do and offering opportunities for people to connect to you and your work but that’s another blog.

To purchase Who Paints the World you can go to your local bookstore to order it or go online.

To learn more about my writing work go to www.lesleynase.com  If while you’re searching my name and Moonspinners Enterprise come up that’s my healing work, visit at www.moonspinnersenterprise.com

Thanks for reading.

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