When Irene comes to wash way the landscape

You think you have life planned out, write about these five little kittens that were left on the doorstep, then Irene came and every changed. Ironic that the name Irene is the Greek goddess of peace for I like many in Vermont are still looking for peace a month later.

My family owned business Camping on the Battenkill, which I manage the office, has been devastate by the storm. Like many who live along rivers, it not that we don’t know that it will flood come spring from snow melt, flood in fall from heavy rains or summers that just seem to be stuck under a cloud for days unending. Fifty years ago when my father designed the campground he took into consideration, as soil conservationist and a farmers son, that you will not change Mother Nature you just have to learn to live with her. I am still learning.

What have I learned? When wisdom is blocked the dam will bust open, the walls of protection will be flattened and the landscape of your perceptions was just an illusion.

As for doorstep kittens? Ten weeks old, spayed/neutered by my local no-kill shelter and adopted. Two of the kittens ended up in my home, what can I say?




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