Doorstep Kittens

Early in the morning on July 27th, the staff at Pet Etc. in Manchester arrived to find 5 newborn kittens on their doorstep. With no note of explanation as to why the kittens were left at a retail pet store, the staff sprang into action caring for the kittens by feeding, de-fleaing, and cleaning up these little ones with umbilical cords still attached. Like all newborn babies without a mother, these kittens had a very slim chance of surviving.

For over 50 years, Second Chance Animal Center has been serving Bennington County and the surrounding areas. Every year, kittens are dumped on their doorstep. Every year, volunteers foster kittens so they will have a healthy start in life and find their “forever” home. Every year, the shelter spays and neuters hundreds of area cats and dogs through SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) and VSNIP (Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program). “This year,” Sharon Burnett, SCAC’s shelter manager said, “We have so many kittens waiting to be adopted that we have a waiting list for adult cats.”

We can only speculate why someone would leave helpless newborn kittens on a doorstep in a box. There are many reasons why people give up their beloved family pet or discard unwanted litters; it is not an easy decision to come to. For these 5 kittens perhaps it was an act of compassion, a flicker of hope someone could and would care for these kittens when they could not.
One week later, these Doorstep Kittens are not only surviving, they are thriving in the loving hands of an experienced caregiver and animal communicator, Lesley Nase. “The first week of life is the hardest, their eyes are shut, they need to be fed every 2-3 hours and kittens do not go to the bathroom on their own until they are about 2-3 weeks old. Kittens are also very susceptible to cold; I keep the carrier draft free and a hot water bottle under the blanket at night. Until they are fully vaccinated, kittens are also very susceptible to infection. Every time, I’m greeted by the loud, demanding meowing of five kittens all wanting to be fed first, it’s a blessing.”

If you are interested in following the Doorstep Kitten’s progress you can do so at Lesley’s blog on her website Or stop into Pet Etc. to see photos and write-ups.  To adopt these kittens or any of the other 50 kittens at Second Chance Animal Center, visit them on route 7A just south of Arlington or go to their website:  Donations for the care of these Doorstep Kittens and others can also be made at Second Chance.  A pet is a lifetime pal!



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