It was a perfectly good sock

In the book I am reading, the author tells a story about his uncle telling tales, tales that are so fantastic that they cannot be real. Imagine an elaborate building with huge stone block walls, archway windows a place with no floors or doors. Or feel yourself in an ordinary line of people waiting to board the daily commuter bus only you realize that if you join them you would travel to another world, a world that once you entered you could not return. As a child, the main character thought these tales were not real until, as an adult, he steps over the threshold of an unforeseen real world.  

The imagination, is it just child’s play? With my granddaughter the turtle puppet comes to life as a ballerina dancing on a stage. Building blocks are now beds and chairs, look again they are a mountain to climb. Cotton balls in teacup turn into marshmallows floating on a rich pond of chocolate. Children explore the world through the possibility of what their imaginations can conjure up.

Our eyes act like filters, the molecules in front of us form an object that the brain recognizes as being a familiar shape, a label is attached and that is what you see. I invite you to let go of what the brain has registered as true. Try letting your imagination have free rein to see beyond your limited view. A big flat rock is just a rock, right? Or is it a tabletop for large people that you set chairs around. A paperclip only a paperclip, or is it a fashionable zipper tab. What if it was really an ice skate for a mouse in wintertime?

If I use my imagination to form the pictures in my brain and work to bring them into reality, I can create a world full of possibilities, some possibilities may flounder shriveling on the byway, but others will manifest in ways beyond my comprehension. Before the building of coliseum in Rome, someone had to envision it. From the shape and size of the stones quarried to make the walls to the angle of the windows giving way to outline of the structure. Today, if you stand amidst the ruins you can truly imagine what it looked like those many years ago.


Smokey Bella claiming a sock

Smokey Bella, my kitten, jumps straight up in the air with a fuzzy green sock in her mouth, drops it runs away and then returns to pick it up once more to carry it into another room. I find it everywhere, in my chair, halfway up the stairs and over her food bowl that sits amongst three others. What I believed to be sock to be worn has now become a treasured blanket comfort to one so little. What unforeseen worlds are before us? If only you allow your imagination to come out and play.

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