Knowing Yourself Can Take a Bit of Work

Before writing a description of a class I am teaching I contemplated the word –prosper, meaning to succeed, to achieve favorable results. A scene from the movie Runaway Bride flitted into my mind. The bride is ordering eggs, she has the same eggs that her fiancé is having, and the fiancé comments that they are her favorite way to eat eggs. The puzzled reporter looks at her for he was told by an earlier fiancé that she liked the same kind of eggs as he did.

As children we take on characteristic that our parents exhibit. Often is heard the comment “S/he is just like you.”  As we grow we learn from our peers and our teachers that there is much more to the world. Along the way we gain new belief systems, keep some old ones and disregard what doesn’t fit, a process that keeps repeating.

What about old values and old beliefs that you are not consciously aware of? In the Runaway Bride her goal was to be happily married, only every time she walked down the aisle surrounded by the fairy tale wedding complete with wedding cake groom she ran away. That is until she fell for the one man who challenged who she was as a person. It was then that she lined up all the different ways eggs are cooked for breakfast and did a taste testing. In the end she faced the man declaring “I love Eggs Benedict, I hate every other kind….”

A self- examination of who we are is like lining up all the egg dishes and tasting each one. Discovering what works for you and what doesn’t is hard work. Replacing the old belief with a new belief takes daily conscious practice. And in the course that I will be teaching my wish is that all participates experience prosperous thinking that leads to lifelong changes.

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1 Response to Knowing Yourself Can Take a Bit of Work

  1. pathomes says:

    Your words remind me that I was into my early thirties before I actually made a self-propelled decision. Every important event in my life was just a response to what was supposed to happen next: Go to school, get a job, find a husband, have babies. Too often life is reactionary unless we are in the present moment, listening, watching, actively making decisions. Thanks for the reminder!

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