New radio show Books, Yarns & Tales

That’s right you heard it here, I Lesley am the host of WBTN’s newest radio show. You can find me Wednesday’s at 1 PM talking to authors about their newest books, hear them read aloud, and tell us what inspired them to write. WBTN is on 1370 AM Vermont’s local community radio. What’s that you say? Too far away to tune in! No problem listen online at This week my guest will be Tai chi/Qigong instructor, Rich Marantz author of The Way of the Voice of Peace.

I love books as much as I love spinning a yarn or telling a tale, during the second half of the show I will share with you a real life tale, The Teachings of an Ancient Culture on an Naive Teenager. So put on the tea kettle, pull up a seat and let your imagination soar!

Say are you interested in recommend a good book? Drop me a line at Did your book club just read a book that you couldn’t put down? Drop me a line at Or is there an author or illustrator that you admire and would love to hear from? Drop me a line at Everyone has a tale to tell or a story that we can all relate to. What’s yours? Drop me a line at I want to hear from you!

Come join me your host Lesley, every Wednesday at 1PM for Books, Yarns & Tale on 1370 AM WBTN community radio.

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Animal Communication, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Medium, Writer, Storyteller, and Independent Business Owner .
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