No Bad Days, Elera’s passing

Sleeping Elera 2015

I promised to love you, give you treats, hugs and long walks. I also promised you no bad days. No lying in your own waste because you didn’t know it was coming or you couldn’t get up and out fast enough. No limping on three legs when you use to walk on four. No falling on the hard frozen ground of winter hurting yourself. No whimpering afraid to get your big beautiful body up off the slippery floor. I promised to be there till the end of your life holding your head, telling you it was time to let go, calling in guides to show you the way and most of all telling you I loved you.

As an animal communicator, much of my work is with clients seeking reassurance that it is time to let their beloved pet pass on. I hold a space of love and compassion when I do readings, telling what I see and feel in the animal. Ultimately, it is the owners who need to come to terms with their own intuition as to whether it is time to euthanize their beloved pet.

As a pet owner, the decision of prolonging a pet’s life with medical intervention or deciding it’s time to euthanize is the hardest decision to make.

Elera, my Great Dane of 10 plus years passed away last week. As my friend said “She was older than dirt for a large breed dog.” That she was. I was blessed with 2 large breed dogs that lived to old age, my mastiff Malloki was 9 years. With Malloki, she and I knew when the time had come. I could see it in her eyes, her body and in her heart.

Elera was not so easy. A year ago her bodily functions started giving way on her. No matter how often or how long I walked her before bedtime, I was awakening most ever night to her rising, often not quick enough to get outside. So what do you do with a dog who’s eyes are bright, who has a heart of gold AND who’s body is breakings down a bit more each day? You love them, knowing that you made a lifetime comment to this relationship. You plaster the floor with washable covering; you clean up the dog bed and the dog. You live with the knowledge that soon she will not be with you. You except that she could take a turn for the worst at any time. And when the body no longer moves with grace you make a hard heart wrenching decision that aligns with your promise of no bad days.

I cried till my eyes swelled and blew my nose till it hurt. For the first time in over 12 years I was dog less. I know that there will be another dog in my life. Three months prior, Malloki came to me full face in a dream, looking me in the eyes as she did in life, she showed me the face of a puppy. This is not the first time I have met a dog in my dreams before it came to me in life. Elera was a dream dog, making direct eye contact so that I would know her on sight.

In my work, I honor the Shamanic belief that it takes three days for a spirit to crossover. On the morning of the fourth day I took my first walk alone. Down the driveway, turn left on to the dirt road, no keen ear and eye on dogs or alert for passing cars. I made my way to the familiar hill where I often walked both dogs. Turning to go up the hill I felt them, Malloki, on my right and Elera on my left. Joy filled me, knowing that Elera was with Malloki on the other side. We all took one last walk up the hill, through the woods to stand at the meadows edge. In front of me, was the lake shining through the leafless trees, behind me the recent snow covered mountains. Throughout my whole being spread the warmth of gratitude and joy. I lived a lifetime with these two beautiful dogs and they will be by my side when it is my time to pass over.


Elera & Malloki

This I know, love for the animals in your life has no boundaries and there only bad days if you perceive them to be.

This I learned, no two pets pass on in the same way, and each has a different purpose and place in your life. The bad day is only in your grieving for what once was.

This I discovered, I will grieve, some days more than others and in time, less that I first did. Both dogs, understood how to be present in an ever changing world, even if something bad did happen it didn’t last for long.


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