As I get ready for my debit picture book #WhoPaintsTheWorld to be published, I set a goal to post on my blog every day. To prime the writing pump I decided to take a look at the National Day Calendar 2018.

I missed #NationalHangoverDay, #NationalScienceFictionDay, #NationalChocolateCoveredCherryDay, #NationalTiviaDay and #NationalBirdDay, which doesn’t even cover the other National Days that are celebrated on the same day as the aforementioned.

January 6, 2018 in #NationalCuddleUpDay, very fitting for a day with below zero temperatures and wind chill factors that make it 20-30 degrees colder.

Fact: Cuddling up with someone, human or animal, releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.

Oxytocin is known as the “Love hormone”, the “Trust hormone” and the “Cuddle Hormone”, in other words it just makes us feel better and more receptive to others.

  • 5 Reasons to Hug and Cuddle Today
  1. Giving or receiving a hug works as an antidepressant. #Hugging just makes someone feel good, in the dark days of January we could all use a little #Cuddle.
  2. #Cuddling makes you a better parent, not only do your feelings of love increase with cuddles so does trust between parent and child.
  3. Scientist say that oxytocin has been shown to reduce glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. Which in lay terms means, those who are looking to lose weight in January are great candidates for more #cuddle time!
  4. #Hugging in a social situation has leads to trust. Many people have social anxiety, when greeted with a hug it helps to breakdown the social barriers. Let’s build feelings of optimism and self-esteem in our fellow person.
  5. #Hugging is healing. Studies show that oxytocin relieves pain. Kiss a child’s boo boo, hug a partner who has a headache and comfort one who hasn’t long to live.

The best reason to #hug and #cuddle someone you know in your life on #NationalCuddleDay ! It just feels good to connect in such a personal way to another living being. #Hug a friend, #hug a partner, #hug a child or #hug a pug.

Just a quick shout out to those who are celebrating #NationalBeanDay, my soup is simmering.



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