Impossible or Possible? 100 Day Blog in 15


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Impossible? Don’t you see? Even fates written in the Book of Fortune can be changed. How can anything be impossible?”

“Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”

by Grace Lin

Hopes, desires and dream are your future when you choose to look at the smaller picture before manifesting the larger image.

As a child, I remember looking into the small hole of a kaleidoscope. My eye quickly adjusted to see a wondrous pattern of light, color and design. If I turned it slightly the pattern shifted into a different design. If I moved the end of the kaleidoscope quickly my vision blurred a bit before focusing on a new image.

When working with clients on the phone, either during an animal communication or a personal healing session, I ask them to envision their concerns as if they are looking down the tube of a kaleidoscope.

We can be stuck on the perception of life by the picture we project. Now add or subtract from the image. The picture’s view appears differently, just as a kaleidoscopes picture does. If you don’t like what you see soften your focus until your vision perceive an image it resonates with. Now change the vibration of your energy field till it matches the vibration of that ideal image.

In raising our vibrational energies to higher vibrations we are no longer stuck in a situation that no longer serves our greater good. A new sustained vibration that is in harmony with the universe can change fate.

You can take what was written in the Book of Fortune and rewrite it.

Empower yourself seeing the smaller picture, for even a kaleidoscope is only reflecting a piece of the bigger picture.

A dream is created in no space and time then brought into your space, time and environment. The reality of a dream starts with embracing the ideal of that dream. Thought forms turn to words. Words turn to actions. Actions become reality. Reality forms a new image that we see, feel and believe.

Dr. Martin Luther King is well remembered for his words, deeds and actions. His dream was in many steps, with many people believing in the same dream, taking the same actions. Today we remember the words that rang out loud and clear:

“I Have A Dream……”


Was fortune change? There by changing fate with just one thought, one message sent out into the world?

Did many change their fate and fortune by first taking steps forward? Do people still change?

I believe the answers to be true on all accounts.

In this world everything is possible.

My morning meditation is a practice that I love! It is the place of possibilities. It is my connection to the universe in greater way than I could ever image.

Every time I sit in sacred space; time and environment disappear. I am filled with love, joy, compassion and purpose. I am awed at how empowering this connection is. I am grateful and blessed to be.

Prayer has a vibration that rises above and merges with other likeminded prayer vibrations to form new pathways in this world. I first pray to change myself, which will change my fate and create new fortunes. That small sliver of my being is sent out to everyone who is looking to reflect a similar change within them.

I write and rewrite my fate and fortune sometimes by writing my story. Sometimes by writing stories told by others. Still just by listening to a story can change me.

Impossible or possible, the choice has always been yours. Take 15 minutes to stand tall, project your ideal self into your day and then step into your future by whatever thoughts, words or actions you deed to be in your best interest.

My 15 minutes of blogging is up. My parting words, 637 word count,

“Life is About the Stories We Tell” a new tag line for my revised radio show coming this Sept. as

Books, Yarns & Tales Podcast

Tell me your 15 min tale.

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